About Me


Hello and welcome to my life! I’m Kat Roussakis, a woman of many interests.

I am the owner of small personal training company called Fit in Kits based out of the lovely oceanside neighbourhood of Kitsilano in Vancouver, BC. Building my own company from the ground up has been, and still is, a very humbling experience. It has taught me to stay strong and positive during hard times. It has also made me realize just how stubborn I am. No matter how rocky the road is, I refuse to give up. I will be sharing some of my secrets to keeping my chin up when the going gets tough on this blog.

Being an entrepreneur has taught me the value of a dollar. I’m not one to spend money on lavish things, but I do love a good story and can therefore justify spending money on experiences. I love exploring the world and getting a perspective on how others live. I feel very grateful that I have the means to budget for such adventures, and I never take that for granted.

I’m married to an amazing man. So amazing in fact, that I count my blessing every day that we found each other in the crazy maze of online dating. That’s right, Tinder for the win! I’ll be sharing with you all the lessons that marriage teaches me. Right now it’s all very fresh and super exciting, but I’m sure some interesting times are still ahead of us. In the near future we plan on buying our first home together and even having a baby πŸ™‚

Being in the forest, the mountains, or near a large body of water grounds me. I get out in nature every chance I can. There is something to be said about that feeling you get when you’ve climbed a great Β big mountain, and you sit at the top to take in the view, and all you can hear is the wind whispering past your ears, and all you can feel is your heart beating in your chest. That is my meditation. I live for that feeling!

This blog is for me to share with you my lifestyle, my philosophies, my good times (and my bad). Take away from it what you may, but for me this is a creative outlet. There will be swearing, there will be puns, there will be random affirmations. That I can promise!

Thank you for stopping by!

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